Born in Canada.

Made in Luxembourg.


I write both historical fiction and contemporary thrillers inspired by true events and oral history. I support my creative work by teaching, leading student seminars and developing brand influenced content for social and legacy medias + salons and events.

I was brought up in the beautiful and cold province of Saskatchewan, then reading Russian Lit., at King’s College, Halifax. I completed an MA in Creative Writing at the University of East Anglia, UK, subsequently working on national newspapers in Russia and India.

I have since 2008 called Luxembourg’s perfectly temperate climate home. In that time, I have established PC3 creative Sarl, a bespoke Branded Content business with production links to Vancouver, Montreal, L.A., London, Moscow, Mumbai, Beijing and Dubai – and spent way too much time happily lost in the National Archives and British Library, London.

I’ve also learned a little Luxembourgish and a lot of life lessons along the way too.