By Paul Comrie | November 10, 2018

My father and I started this trip at his home in Taos, New Mexico 6 days ago.  Since then we have driven over 2500 miles, drifting through New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia, the Carolinas, Virginia and now Washington, D.C.  We have seen each other once in roughly 15 years and as such this is a fairly big departure for us both.

My reasons for taking this trip are as personal as they are out of professional.

I will attempt to put a video together later today or tomorrow that explains some of my overarching interests in the themes of Monuments & Men and why I have decided to disclose personal details about my life and my father’s life during this trip – and why we have decided to take this trip together at this time.

But on another note, one driving factor as to why this trip happened now, rather than at some other time, is that I was invited to attend the Centenary of World War I in Washington through the auspices of my friend, Timothy Lone, who is the Vice President of the Patton Alliance, a Luxembourg-based foundation that works in and around acts of reconciliation between former enemies and commemorates peace after periods of conflict.

This is the beginning, I feel, of a longer term interest in a subject that I initially thought was only a passing theme. Because of my good friends, Richard Döhmer and Timothy Lone, of the Luxembourg Writing Salon, this topic came to life a month or so ago.  It’s funny how little things can suddenly morph into bigger, significant events.

Travelling alone is not quite as powerful as travelling with your genetic patriarch. That is more complicated than anything.